Your Sartorial Journey Begins Here

We are all on a sartorial journey. Each day we begin that journey by facing the mirror and taking stock of what we see and how we feel. While some of us are masters at putting ourselves together, none of us actually accomplishes a pulled together look totally on our own. We need to develop sartorial relationships.

The three most important relationships in that journey are with: your tailor, your cobbler and your barber. Whether you are a broker, baker, soldier, spy or an ordinary guy, developing a rapport with these professionals will provide you with the confidence to express yourself with style. Not only can they ensure that you look your best, but they will also advise you on how to reveal your personality through your sartorial decisions.


Properly fitting clothing is the key to comfort and confidence. You don’t want to worry about how you look in your clothes; you want your clothes to move with you, not around you. A good tailor can ensure that your favorite suit, shirt and trousers feel good, look good and move with you as comfortably as a second skin.


Your feet are your base. Bad shoes are a detriment not just to your comfort, but also to your style and confidence. A good cobbler can help you make your new shoes last and can save of your old favorites from the trash bin. You’d be surprised at how many people judge others by their footwear.


Short, long, curly, straight: hair can be the bane of our existence. A good barber can give you a cut that will work with your look and require little daily maintenance. He can also evaluate the condition of your scalp and texture of your hair and prescribe an appropriate regimen for you to follow.

Putting together a team of professionals you respect will help you get up and out the door each day with confidence and make facing the mirror a joy rather than a chore. And I promise you will get immediate feedback from you colleagues, friends and family. It sure makes you feel good to have someone say, “Wow you look nice today.”


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  1. So true! A man came up to me at CVS this morning, and as I’d had a monster migraine all yesterday, I’m feeling a little fragile, but this guy goes, “Wow! You should be a model! Look at you!” and I felt gorgeous. Rock on your sassy self, Ignacio! xo

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