Inspirational Dressing

That's Me on the Right

People talk a lot about aspirational dressing. I believe in inspirational dressing.

I never know what is going to spark an idea for a new sartorial pairing. I read in the paper that Walt Clyde Frazier sometimes starts with a tie and builds a whole look from there. I often start with the socks not just because my feet get cold, but also because a pop of color at the ankles really cheers me up.

Why don’t you think about building your look from the ground up like I do. Pick some socks that make you happy or catch the eye then find a shirt with a hint of the same color, then pair them with either a contrasting or harmonizing suit. Or if you are in a more casual mode put on some jeans and match your belt to your socks. Dark glasses in a frame that matches your sock bright can also make a look pop with energy.

It’s all about having fun and inspiring yourself and others to live life to the fullest.


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