Pattern Most Regal or Why I’m Glad for Plaid

I love pattern and as far as I’m concerned plaid may be the king of all patterns. Though it’s unfair for me to discriminate against paisley or cheat on toile and graffiti tags have certainly made their mark in fashion. Not to mention pinstripes and polka dots.

But to me plaid is on top and definitely preferable to plain. Plaid makes me happy it challenges me to put together my most creative sartorial pairings. In a nutshell I am glad for plaid.

What’s your favorite pattern? Or are you anti-pattern?



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4 responses to “Pattern Most Regal or Why I’m Glad for Plaid

  1. Chris

    I agree, plaid if wonderful. However my most preffered pattern (as in one that I have worn most over the years) is definately gingham. I find it much easier to match, but I do like this challange you have thrown down, and will go hunting for some nice plaid wear.

  2. Thanks for picking up the proverbial gauntlet — by the way gingham is great. I like to pair it with seersucker in the summer.


  3. Fuchsia

    I am a polka dot girl, but I love pin stripes, and hounds tooth as well. And plaid is an old favorite that I never get tired of.

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