Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Photograph by Rog Walker. From the photo story “Waiting” by Rog Walker and Bianca Pandit at

Simultaneously opening a shop and launching a kickstarter campaign doesn’t leave a lot of time for grocery shopping. Therefore we’ve been eating a lot of delivery at my house. Tonight it was chinese.

And while I know it’s a bit corny — and not in the least bit chinese — I sometimes partake in fortune cookies. Tonight mine was full of wisdom.

It said, “It takes guts to get out of ruts.”

While I didn’t think I was in a rut a year ago — if I hadn’t met Morgan Spurlock’s producer on my way home from the market at the end of October and learned about Failure Club the movement founded by Philip Kirakofe — that’s exactly what I’d be in now — a rut.

But I have come a long way.

Instead of continuing on the same part-time path I applied to be a participant in the show and gave voice to my secret dream of opening a haberdashery. And within a week of that chance meeting I was in a room with six other brave souls who were also inspired by Philip to put a voice to their secret personal or professional dreams.

Now — almost a year later — we may not have all achieved our goals, but we have the guts to put everything on the line for our dreams.

I have opened my shop and with it a whole new chapter in my life. Now I’m trying to raise $29,425 in 30 days to achieve the second part of my goal by launching Sartorial Pairings my mens apparel and accessories brand.

And — since I am no longer in a rut I have the guts — to ask for your help.

Please visit, search for Sartorial Pairings, watch my video and — if you like what you see — make a pledge, select your reward, and then share the link with your friends.



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3 responses to “Fortune Cookie Wisdom

  1. Dear Ignacio,

    I met you and your partner over a year ago – I’m happy for you and will support your effort in Kickstarter.

    Kind regards,

    • Lisa:

      Thank you so much! And yes we’re having the kickstarter widget added to the blogs and facebook. We tried to do it ourselves, but clearly were unsuccessful. It will be up no later than Wed – we have sent an SOS to two friends who will be able to get it done for us. So please check back! We’ll be posting everyday!

      And we really appreciate the good wishes and support!!


  2. P.S. please add a link feom your blog to your Kickstarter page:-)

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