You Never Know Who’s Got Your Back

Me with David Torres at Artists & Fleas in September 2011, Photograph by Lisa Honda

Throughout my life I’ve had to be self-reliant.

While I’ve received incredible support from family and close friends over the years I’ve also had moments where I was alone in the world with only my fears to keep me company. I’m proud to say that the determination I learned at my mother’s knee carried me through those dark moments and allowed me to pursue many of my dreams.

But until this year I don’t think I really knew how generous of spirit people can really be. While I am fortunate to be secure that my girlfriend and business partner Pamela Moore always has my best interests at heart, the Failure Club experience challenged me to break through any self-imposed limits and accept help from others. Throughout this year I’ve turned down some offers of assistance as has been ingloriously captured onscreen.

But I have accepted far more than could ever be recorded.

One of the main reasons I dabbled in the flea market game off and on throughout my life was the variety of the people I get to met. And establishing QP & Monty in the age of social media gave me the opportunity to truly capture the spontaneous fun. For the past two and a half years we’ve been documenting the mood of the market every weekend and posting it on our facebook page.  Sometimes I’ve taken the pictures and sometimes I’ve allowed the pictures to be taken of me asking only that the photographer share a copy with us. And when they do we post those as well.

While I remember almost every interaction I never know how lasting my impression has been on others.

Well this morning I received the most flattering and humbling message of support from a very talented artist Lisa Honda (google her – her work is beautiful). She reminded me that we met at the market last year and that she had taken a photo of me, which I unearthed from our facebook page to show her that I remember her too! But I never would have guessed that she not only remembered me, but she has been consciously following my progress.

So Lisa Honda you’ve given me a great gift not just by encouraging me with my kickstarter dreams, but also by teaching me that you have to be thankful for every person you meet.

Because as I’ve learned – you never know who’s got your back!



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2 responses to “You Never Know Who’s Got Your Back

  1. Ignacio! Thank you…it’s your graciousness that defines your character which, in the end, is all that matters. I wish I had the means to connect ALL the dots. I look forward to supporting your journey as you create and shape it. Thank you for allowing me to snap that shot that day –

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