Hi I’m Ignacio Quiles aka Sartorial Pairings. I am an urban dandy. I earned my sartorial prowess by watching old movies. My musings on haberdashery are designed to entertain and inform. I split my time between my beloved New York City and Providence RI with my girlfriend Pamela and our two dogs, Monty and Saki. If I’m not with them I can often be                                         spotted  riding my folding bike dressed like an English gentleman.


10 responses to “About

  1. Hey Nas! Lindsey (Smalls’ owner, short blonde used to work for Betsey Johnson) from the dog run in Tompkins sq park! I can’t find your email but I gotta get in touch with you. I’ve been working as an assistant to a woman on the upper west side who’s got 2 (awesome) pieces of antique furniture she is looking to sell. I thought of you and mentioned you to her and she would love to have you look at them and go from there. My emails Lindsey.vincenty@gmail.com hope you’re well and looking forward to hearing

  2. Charles

    Hey Ignacio,

    I was just wondering how you were doing and why you were not posting as many articles as usual. Holidays?
    Swing by whenever you want for a coffee!


    • Charles,

      I’m good — this summer really flew by. My partner Pamela had major ankle surgery in early July. Therefore I’ve had a lot of extra work helping her and running my vintage shop QP & Monty at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg all alone. Please keep reading — I have a backlog of great ideas and notes for posts that will be online soon.


  3. Ignacio, we’d love for you to come to Philadelphia and see what we, Commonwealth Proper, have going on…check our site for a taste, http://www.commonwealthproper.com. Dig your style.


    Craig Arthur von Schroeder
    Founder, Commonwealth Proper

  4. Ignacio is truly one of the coolest cats i know. I met him at Market NYC on 155 Bleeker Street in Manhattan next Kenny’s Castaways where i worked as a bouncer.
    Ignacio’s styling is unique and fresh. He enjoys his work and it is so obvious in the way he carries himself and interract with people. He is also a boxer, dont mess with him.

  5. Justin L. White

    I’ve been growing spiritually and mentally. I love sneakers and sweat pants for my down days but I’ve been loving suits and remembrance of my dandy look in my youth.

    I ran across your blog while I was looking at dandy gents and I must say sir, “You’re one of the coolest cats I’ve seen thus far!”

    I am now going to get back into dressing with a more dandy approach.

    I just have to find places for it in my city, online and good ‘ol inspiration!!

    Once again sir,

    Thank you.


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